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Mused Contributor Biography

Every contributor to Mused gets the opportunity to promote their personal projects, their artistic background, and their goals in their contributor biography. The biography is completely set up by the artist and can be modified at any time. If your works are accepted for multiple issues, you can update your biography at each step, having your words mirror the seasons!

To create your biography, you must first create a free BellaOnline member account. This allows you secure, password-protected access to your biography area so that only you can alter what it says. To begin, go here -

If you have a BellaOnline membership already, you can log into it. If you do not have a membership, create one by clicking the "Create a New Account" link.

You will be asked a few quick questions here, including your email address. The email address is ONLY used for "lost my password" requests and nothing else. Be sure that the email address you enter here matches the email address you used to submit your Mused creations! The system matches people together by email address, so it's important that the email address is the same in both places.

Once you have logged into your BellaOnline member account, look at the top navigation bar. In the center of that bar is an entry for "Mused". Click on that.

This page provides you access to the PDF version of all past issues. We highly recommend you read through these! The PDFs have gorgeous layouts and are beautiful ways to enjoy Mused. For now, though, scroll past those. At the bottom of the page are links to the status of every item you've submitted to Mused, as well as a link to your bio area. Click on "Your Mused Bio and Photo".

This page is where you enter your biography. You can put in up to 500 characters describing yourself and your interests. Please write this in the third person - so you would say "Lisa Shea is interested in ..." rather than saying "I am interested in". You can include one URL if you wish - it's best to put this at the very end so that the reader reads all about you first and only clicks on the URL when they finish reading about you.

When you're finished entering your bio, be sure to hit the "Submit" button below it to save it!

Let us know if you have any questions about this process!