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Visual Art Submission Guidelines

The Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review artwork and photography area accepts any image which can be shown in a graphic manner on our website, in a PDF, and in a print copy. Non-digital artwork should be scanned or photographed into digital format. Our submission form allows you to upload the digital images. We only accept online submissions. Because we are family friendly, we cannot accept images which involve nudity.

Entry Details
You may submit up to five graphic works for for a given issue. Each submission should provide two copies of the image. There should be a small-size image of about 600 pixels wide for review. There should also be the full sized master copy for the PDF and print copy use which needs to be larger than 1,000 pixels both vertically and horizontally.

We find the best photos tend to fall into one of these two categories:

The key is to take tons of photos! Instead of taking just one photo of that rare junco, and hoping it is "good enough", take twenty photos with different settings and different exposures. This gives you the best possible chance of having the perfect shot in the mix. Nature photographers who create award winning photos didn't do that by chance with one shot. They sat by the spot for hours, taking thousands of photos, and out of those thousands one had just the right combination of lighting, focus, contrast and background.

Good luck! Here are a few more tips for you, and then the submission form is below that.

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