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Submission Guidelines for Fiction

The power of storytelling is what women and men have used throughout history to help shape their communities and forge their own paths. Fiction can take one away to an imaginary world or cause one to pause and self-reflect. It can make us laugh, cry, and even change our way of life.

This is the type of fiction Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review seeks to publish: stories which enchant, delight, reflect on womanhood, femininity, men relating to women, families, self-growth, change, or courage. Of course, we remain open to any good fiction, so do not look at these guidelines as all-inclusive.

Exceptional writing filled with clever and artistic use of language, plot, and character is what will persuade the Fiction Editorial Board to publish your piece.

BellaOnline is a world-wide publication read by people of all ages and all cultural backgrounds. Please, no gratuitous or graphic violence, sexual content, swears, or overly moralistic stories. No serialized stories. In addition to these Fiction Guidelines, please be sure to review our Main Submissions Guidelines.

Entry Details
Submissions are limited to three fiction entries for a given issue. Each submission cannot exceed 5,000 words in length.

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