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MUSED Literary Magazine.

A Day in Winter

Ken Allan Dronsfield

On that day my soul grew still.
The flower-like snowflakes drifting down.
Remembering autumnīs quiet sweet walks
the ice-lings fall, tap, tap, tap in the branches
silence is a forever friend as the deer graze;
slowly pushing snow away with black noses.
They stand alert by the edge of the corn field
as blue jays fly from branch to branch scolding
them for being so brazen during the daylight.
A school bus rumbles down the old dirt road
dropping off children, home for the holidays.
I hear a rustling from the stone wall and see
a chipmunk, still hiding acorns in the crevices.
A dog barks from the old farm on the hillside,
deer bolt for the tree line, stopping to look back.
Another peaceful day in winter slowly melts away.