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MUSED Literary Magazine.

12 Steps to Winter

Joan McNerney

1 Kicking up piles of foliage,
the wind tries to enter my house.

2 I can see my breath right
in front of me now.

3 Maple leaves, oak leaves, all fall
leaves tumbling through air.

4 Window panes clattering like
nervous teeth at midnight.

5 Frost pinches my cheeks, kissing me.
A cool, cruel lover.

6 Quickly, quietly needles of snow
embroider tall fir trees.

7 That must be my friends stamping
their boots outside.

8 As the kettle boils, aromas of hot
cider spice the kitchen.

9 Our favorite songs stream
through hallways.

10 Sparkling butter cookies melting
in our mouths.

11 A tiger cat with big green eyes
tosses balls of yarn.

12 Galaxies of snow stars whirling
every which way.