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MUSED Literary Magazine.

A Look Back at Lot

Misky Braendeholm

Our sense of adventure comes from knowing
how to get lost. So we turn off the SatNav,
and take the first interesting left turn.

I look in the rearview mirror, back, over
my shoulder behind us. Countryside, tangled
bare hedgerows, crows and cows and cirrus
hanging like mares’ tails from high-up blue.

I’ve latched on a random thought. About
Lot’s wife. Looking back like she did.

“Did you know,” I say to the man who´s
shared my life for 39-years, “the Bible
never mentions Lot’s wife’s name? I doubt
she has a name. She’s just ´Lot’s Wife’.
For thousands of years, just Lot’s Wife.
I read that on the internet.”

And I end the sentence with the certain
authority of ’this-is-a-fact’.

And he’s glancing over at me without
moving his head from a straight-on stance,
you know, not quite chameleon-like, but
sort of stealthy sideways, and he says,

“Darling, do you know that
you’re puzzlingly random?”

And I don’t think he’s meaning this
as a compliment, but I take it that way,
because that’s just the way I am.