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MUSED Literary Magazine.
What You Are Saying
The Rose and Mantis - That is a super vibrant image. Love it. ~English Major

Goddess - Lovely and thanks for stay with You. ~Daniel

A Fair Game - Captivating from start to finish a beautiful story of love and compassion in our older generation x ~Anita

A Fresh Perspective - The open ending leave the imagination room to roam. I like it. ~Charlotte

Ernie - Happy ending stories elevate the day. No mention of what might happen tomorrow at work; or whether he'll go play trivia Thursday. A good story. ~Charlotte

March On, Sisters, March On – Loved it!! ~Michele

The Tea Room - Very cute, heart-warming story. Charlotte has a way of writing that makes a person feel like they are right there in the midst of the story. ~Donna

The Tea Room - I loved it! I cracked up the whole time! I love how the author describes everything so that you can visualize it. ~Felicia

The Tea Room - I enjoyed this. Well written, with just enough description to keep me engaged with the details surrounding the storyline. ~Katie

The Tea Room - The story was so full of warmth and humor, the very things that speak of women's close friendships. The author paints word pictures and I visualized the entire tea room. Thank you so much for bringing this author some well-deserved attention. I hope to see more of her work . ~Sophia

Familiar Strangers - Familiar Strangers was well written and easy to relate to, especially if you have flown. I enjoyed reading it, and I would read others that she writes. ~Kim

Autumn Moon-Song - Absolutely beautiful! ~Cynthia

Dark Sunglasses on Sunless Days - This poem touches the soul of a mama. The sun does not shine like it once did, the heart continues to cry, the sky of my world remains dark. I can relate to wearing sunglasses on sunless days. Terry Dawley is a creative genius, knows how to touch the areas of life that we so often try to hide from ourselves, and has a deep understanding of the human spirit. Well done. ~bfrank

Dark Sunglasses on Sunless Days - Having known a former relative took a belt to his 2 year old stepdaughter....and having that Thing tell ME... "Not the Buckle end!" .....Terry's. poem....ode.....strikes home.... ~Paul

Dark Sunglasses on Sunless Days - Terry Dawleys heart wrenching poem brings me back to my old neighborhood in Illinois. That’s when I saw my buddie’s mom with a black eye sitting in our kitchen having coffee with my mom. No one told me , but I knew. ~Poppa